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BADASS BLOG SERIES: 001 - Aja Campbell, Founder + Owner of ATTAGIRL


          Hi! My name is Aja Campbell, and I am the Founder and Owner of ATTAGIRL. As this is the first post in the new #BadassBlog series, I thought I would tell you what to expect, the story behind the brand, and hopes for 2018. If you’re a frequent customer of ATTAGIRL, we’ve likely met at a Pop-up Shop- if so- HI!!

         If you have stumbled across this blog, welcome- and I hope you’re into emboldening strong, badass women because, that’s what we do here.

             In 2014, I was a fledgling coach at a nearby gym in Queens, NY and had decided to pursue a career in Fitness. At the same time, I was enjoying the CrossFit competition circuit, frequently participating in team and partner competitions. I started designing competition shirts for my team, and women would ask if they could buy the shirts. My printer kept pestering me to start a line of women’s tanks and tee’s. After giving it some real thought, and loving the fact that I could use my apparel as a vehicle to reach women and positively impact and empower them – I decided to go for it.

But I also gave myself conditions. I couldn’t accept any money from any sort of investors in the initial stages. I wanted to do this on my own, with my own money and resources. If this was going to work, and be successful, I didn’t want to give myself any shortcuts, I was going to have to earn every part of this new endeavor, at least until it had real legs.

         That meant, creating a business model/ plan, a fashion forecast, creating a first generation line of apparel, sourcing material, setting up countless accounts on social and business platforms, building a website, taking photos for the website, getting the correct licensing, the correct paperwork and registration filed with the state of NY (sooooo much fun), styling and shooting a look-book, going to the bank and setting up a business account. I had to create graphics and digital marketing campaigns, and execute them ;) - something that any Publicists knows is easier said than done. I’m sure there was a ton more, but I’m only on coffee No. 1 this morning.

Then I had to find a name.

The name was probably the easiest part of it all. “Attagirl”, was a phrase I used every day in coaching my female athletes.


When they were driving up out of a back squat, “Attagirl”.

When they were crushing a difficult workout, “Attagirl”.

When they mentally tough throughout a particularly grueling set, “Attagirl”.

        But even outside of the gym, it was the way I expressed to the women around me how proud they made me, and how awesome I thought they were. It was usually accompanied by a high five, pound, or some celebratory embrace. It encompassed every feeling I wanted a woman to experience when she put on any piece of my apparel. Proud. Strong. Genuine. In September 2015, the online shop went live, and after about a 9 month gestation period- ATTAGIRL was born. How apropos, right?

Now what?

I then started hitting the pavement HARD. I got every woman I knew in ATTAGIRL. Brought my camera with me everywhere, and reached out to every gym in the area about setting up pop-up shops. In no time, I was booking events and the feedback I was getting was incredible! It was working- women would get tanks for themselves, then as gifts for other women. They found the designs to be empowering and felt connected to them. My dream was materializing before my eyes.

        Over the last two years- ATTAGIRL has continued to grow, and what is becoming the ATTAGIRL community- makes my heart sing. When I go to a pop-up and meet a customer who has been ordering online since day one, it’s reminds me of exactly why I started. When a customer tells me how excited her friend was after receiving one of my tanks as a gift- it puts more fuel in the fire.

        And for 2018, besides growing online, and pop-up presence, I am most looking forward to building the ATTAGIRL Culture. I don’t want AG to stop at Women’s apparel, I want it to bridge together awesome, badass women from all walks of life, who all bring their own unique qualities and strengths to the table. I want to create a collective of women who empower women. That create opportunities for ourselves and each other- where there might have not been opportunities before.

And this is just the beginning. 



IG: @ajacampbell21 @attagirlny



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  • As one of Aja’s “athletes” (she is one of the Coaches at my gym), I can honestly say that she not only supports and encourages her athletes (both male and female), but is a source of inspiration for those of us who have just begun our journey back into fitness. She is always there with a word of encouragement on a particularly tough day when you feel like you can’t make it through a workout; she is always there to cheer you on as you try to improve a specific move; and she is always the first one to congratulate you when you reach a goal or a PR! She is genuinely proud and concerned for us, and I am grateful for knowing her, having her as a Coach and also consider her a friend. Although I don’t have any Attagirl gear yet, I’m looking forward to purchasing some very soon and wearing it with pride!

    Tonia S.

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