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Our training memberships run like a subscription. Sign up, get oriented and start training! Pay month to month and never face a fee or charge for pausing or cancelling or pay up front for 3 or 6 months and save.  Get the expert coaching, planning and the accountability you crave to get the results you deserve. 

30 Minutes of Movement is great for all those busy-bodies who have to get it in, from the warm-up to the cool-down in half an hour. Limited equipment and space requirements make this program great for the busy mom to the world traveler.

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-4 Days of training, delivered to your phone or mobile device

- Weekly check-ins with your coach via the Train Heroic app

-Personal attention and care with the ability to get feedback and advice from your coach

- The Train Heroic app also acts as a fitness journal. Never have to log a workout again, it's all saved as you go!

-Thoughtful, safe and efficient program design- delivered to you by a coach who cares and has the chops!

Experience level: Beginner to Advanced

Style: CrossFit meets Bootcamp Classes

Month to Month Membership: $130/month

3 Month Commitment: $375 ($125/month)

6 Month Commitment: $720 ($120/month)

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3 Day Strength is a 3 day-a-week strength program based on the premise of progressive overload, using data-driven momentum, designed to get you stronger, more powerful, in, and out the gym. Great supplement to an existing conditioning regiment like kickboxing, cycling or yoga!
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A program that follows the principles of progressive overload, with an added emphasis on hypertrophy and muscular endurance⁠

-3 focused days of strength training will allow you to hit all major muscle groups, week over week, for a progressive and balanced program⁠

-Video demos, tempo, and rest periods accompany each exercise along with modifications and progressions⁠

-Easily track and record all your sets, and sessions right in the Train Heroic App⁠

-Workout specific warm-ups, accessory, and mobility included⁠

-Communicate with your coach directly through the app⁠


Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Style: Progressive overload, strength and power phases. Weightlifting meets functional bodybuilding.

Month to Month Membership: $140/month

3 Month Commitment: $405 ($135/ month)

6 Month Commitment: $780 ($130/month)


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