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5 Week Macro Tracking Challenge

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*Starts May 3rd through June 6th*

A 5-week challenge where you will learn the foundations of food and macro tracking, a useful tool for body recomposition and maintaining personal wellness.

Upon enrollment, participants will receive an email survey. They will then consult with NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Aja Campbell to determine their calorie and macronutrient needs.

Participants will then be led week by week on how to track their caloric and macronutrient needs, how to choose the most wholesome, nutrient-dense foods to support their lifestyle and goals, and bust myths about fad diets and why certain food groups get an unnecessarily bad rep (looking at you Carbs).

This challenge utilizes a few tools, the first being the app, My Fitness Pal. For this challenge, you will need to purchase the premium version of the app ($9.99/month).

You will also need to purchase a food scale (these range from $11+). Both these tools will be crucial to your success, not only in this challenge but also post-challenge when you will continue your journey to track and develop healthy food habits. 

Also included:

-We start by setting your individual caloric and macronutrient ranges, specific to your goals, lifestyle and activity level

-Weekly newsletter with educational information as well as a look at the week ahead

-A dedicated private, coach moderated  Facebook Group, where you will receive support, and find a place to bond with other members in the challenge, trade tips, and share successes! 

-A weekly tracker you can download or print to track your progress (to later be submitted to your coach)

All of your information is kept private. You can share as much or as little with your fellow group members. Your information will never be sold or used without your expressed consent. 


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